Meet the Founders

Josephine Nonyelu

Josephine is one of two directors of AAI, based in the United Kingdom and is the chair and founder of AAI which was inaugurated on 29th April 2020.

Josephine is a pan Africanist and a staunch believer in assisted repatriation of the descendants of enslaved Africans in the diaspora.

Josephine is a barrister of England and Wales but practices as a solicitor, a director of a successful firm of solicitors based in South East London. She is a double scholar and sponsor of the Honourable Society of Meddle.

Linda Appiah

Linda is based in the United Kingdom and is a director of AAI. She is the Secretary and Legal Adviser to the organisation, roles which she has been in since the organisation’s inception in the Spring of 2020.

She is an enthusiast of African and Caribbean history and firmly believes that people of African descent should not only know where they come from, but must also have a grounded ‘knowledge of self and heritage’. She has an unwavering passion to pass her ‘strength in self-love’ belief to the next generation.

Linda is a barrister of England & Wales and of Ghana; a presenter of her own legal advice programme on Omega Live TV; sponsor of the Middle Temple Sponsorship Scheme and a successful entrepreneur with business interests abroad.

Our Executives

Kate Agunabor

Kate Agunabor is an executive member of AAI. She is driven by the quest for new business ideas and has proven project management and extensive experience of service planning, research, analysis, and improving service standards through quality audits. 

Kate is a strategic thinker with a strong analytical mind and an innovative approach to problem solving. She has proven ability to influence policy and developments. Kate cultivates influence and manage effective relationships at all levels of seniority. Securing and conducting meetings with senior stakeholders.

She has Masters in Science from University of London and also Masters in Management from Kent Business School.
Kate joined AAI where she has taken up a role in the Executive Management position as AAI Business Development Manager.
Kate has a passion for development and growth of Africa she contributed to the formation of the AAI organisation and she is also the under Secretary.

She can be contacted


Yvonne Dixon

Yvonne is based in the United Kingdom and is the Media and Education lead for AAI. She joined AAI as a direct response to seeing the blatant mistreatment of Black people from the African Diaspora.

She is a Historian and is Legally trained and wants to use her wealth and knowledge to support her community. She spends lots of her free time supporting charitable causes. She has spent most of her life trying to make a difference.

Yvonne is an educator, carer and devout Christian. She provides support and advice via live shows on social media.

Titus Egwuoyibo Okoye

Titus Egwuoyibo Okoye is based in Nigeria. He is a progressive person with an interest in politics, with a proven ability to influence policy and law. He has represented Nnewi south in the parliament and was a mayor of Nnewi south local government of Anambra State.
Titus is a barrister and solicitor of The Supreme Court of Nigeria and a director of a successful legal firm in Nigeria. He also has a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Leicester, England.
Titus has a passion for promoting of African heritage, tradition and culture with a major emphasis on “all blacks are of African origin”. He joined AAI where he has taken up a role as an associate director.