Our History


Official Name: Jumhūriyyat Miṣr al-ʿArabiyyah (Arab Republic of Egypt)

Total Area(Sq Mi): 390,121 
Population(2020 est.): 99,690,000

Location: North-eastern corner of Africa

Capital: Cairo

Monetary Unit: Egyptian pound (LE)

Named after Egyptian King Aegyptus, Egypt is located in between Libya and Sudan, meeting the Middle East region through neighbouring Israel. 

The River Nile flows through the centre of the country allowing for irrigation of the land and the growing of crops. With temperatures reaching as high as 40-50 degrees Celsius, the remainder of the region is not hospitable to vegetative growth.

Once conquered by the Nubian Dynasty led by King Piye, in around 730BC, it was a recognised and equipped military force with a wealth in gold and carnelian as its natural resources. Indeed the Nubian Dynasty is known for the role played by the Queens (known as ‘Kandakes’ meaning sister or mother to the King). The records that remain after the Nubians were overthrown describe Queens such as  Shanakdakhete as strong, black, powerful and wealthy.

Colonised by the British in 1882, Egypt gained independence in 1922 under the rule of King Fuad I.

Egypt has a rich history documented as hieroglyphics and ancient Greek inscription of carvings believed to have been given by the gods. The inscriptions are intricate series of drawings that depict animals such as a bird, to bestow communication with the reader.

Historically Egyptians were also renowned for their medical skills as a result of their work on the mummification of the dead.

Tourism is the cornerstone of the Egyptian economy, with tourists travelling to the country to see the pyramids including the first of the ‘Seven Wonders of the World’, ‘The Great Pyramids of Giza’, built around 2500 BC. It stands at a height of 46 meters, taller than St. Paul’s Cathedral in London and was used to bury its Pharaohs.

The monuments of ancient Egypt have influenced modern day architecture including the Louvre in France, built as an ode to the Egyptian pyramids.